Wednesday, August 5, 2020

This is the best decision you'll read this week.

Says United States District Court Judge Carlton W. Reeves, our new hero: "Clarence Jamison was a Black man driving a Mercedes convertible. As he made his way home to South Carolina from a vacation in Arizona, Jamison was pulled over and subjected to one hundred and ten minutes of an armed police officer badgering him, pressuring him, lying to him, and then searching his car top-to-bottom for drugs. Nothing was found. Jamison isn’t a drug courier. He’s a welder."

Read on here. It's long, but every word is worth your time. 

And just in case you forgot this stunning speech, at the sentencing of 3 white defendants for the execution of an elderly black man, by the same judge, you can reread it here. H/T James Grable

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