Sunday, October 28, 2012

Representing the Accused: A Practical Guide to Criminal Defense

Readers of this blog know that Jill Paperno, the Second Assistant Monroe County Public Defender, is a frequent contributor. Jill’s posts typically provide practical advice to defense attorneys on how to defend a particular type of case (see or see or see)  or  how to deal with a trial or evidentiary issue (see  or see). Jill has recently authored a book, Representing the Accused: A Practical Guide to Criminal Defense (Thomson Reuters Westlaw), which is aimed at providing meaningful guidance to criminal defense attorneys as to how to handle each stage in a criminal case from arrest to final disposition.  It is available as both a book and an e-book at Amazon (see) and directly from the publisher (see).

The book is full of practical advice on topics such as holding the first interview with a client, maintaining files, conducting investigations, and preparing for hearings, trials, negotiations, and pleas. This book, based on Jill’s experience in thousands of cases, provides useful answers to the questions attorneys, particularly inexperienced attorneys, often face, of what needs to be done next and how should it be done. For a dtailed review in the New York State Defender Association's Report, see.

Following the book’s advice will help attorneys provide high quality representation to their clients.

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